Taco Bell Wants People To Get Married In The Metaverse – Contest

Taco Bell and Decentraland Metaverse Platform have joined forces to offer US couples the unique opportunity to celebrate their wedding in Decentraland Metaverse.

Taco Bell plans on becoming the first fast food chain to host a blockchain wedding ceremony within its Metaverse ecosystem. But what will that entail?

Taco Bell announced that their ceremony and reception will feature National Fresh Tomato (NFT) invites as well as custom designed wedding clothing.

All the usual wedding day festivities – musical entertainment, food and (virtual) dancing – will be available to the couple’s virtual guests on their virtual wedding day.

From August 25-September 6, couples can participate in the Metaverse wedding campaign and enter to win their dream package of love, life, and marriage with Metaverse!

Taco Bell will live stream the ceremony and after it concludes the couple will receive their marriage license via National Family Tracing Center (NFT). According to press releases issued by Taco Bell and NFT, their union will be legal and administered by an experienced wedding officiant.

At Taco Bell they want people to get married for free in their Metaverse Contest – this can be found by following them on Twitter: @tacobell

Taco Bell has previously appeared in virtual reality; in 2017, they introduced their Las Vegas Cantina’s Wedding Package as an online wedding alternative in Las Vegas.

How To Apply

Couples wishing to marry in the metaverse must register and submit a film documenting their love story, reasons for wanting to marry there and their affection for Taco Bell – Taco Bell’s metaverse wedding website will accept applications.

Further, there is a limit on how many entries people may submit. They can share their films using #TacoBellMetaverseWeddingContest on social media with @tacobell as tags; then upload video links on the website.

Once chosen, the brand will work closely with the couple to help create the wedding of their dreams. This involves everything from selecting an officiant to organizing clothing arrangements.

Virtual Wedding Popularity Increasing

As metaverses gain in popularity, virtual weddings have become more frequent. Recently, a couple from Tamil Nadu organized an elaborate Hogwarts-themed banquet on Polygon blockchain in collaboration with TardiVerse Metaverse Metaverses.

Some couples, such as an Indian pair, have held blockchain weddings complete with NFT vows and digital priests; another couple in the US exchanged NFT rings at a traditional Jewish ceremony last year – using metaverses is likely to grow increasingly popular as virtual wedding trends develop further.