How To Give Crypto Or NFTs To Your Family And Friends

The number of crypto users worldwide is projected to reach 221 million people by 2022, making it a technology that is growing in popularity. When introducing family and friends to the crypto industry, introducing crypto has become commonplace. If you are one of these people, or if you’d like to learn how to gift someone crypto or NFTs, keep reading. Here we’ll discuss how to provide your loved ones with crypto and NFTs.

Gift Bitcoin & Crypto: 3 Ways

In this post, I will outline three straightforward methods of giving cryptocurrency such as bitcoin as gifts to friends and family members.

Set Up A Mobile Wallet And Send Them Bitcoin

Set Up a Mobile Wallet And Send Them Bitcoin
Set Up a Mobile Wallet And Send Them Bitcoin

Establishing a mobile wallet on their phone and sending them some bitcoin may be the simplest way to give them bitcoin.

Start the process by installing a mobile wallet supporting bitcoin on their phone; for instance, CryptoWallet, Bluewallet, Copay, Electrum or Muun Wallet are among these wallets.

Once you have downloaded your wallet of choice, it is essential that you help safeguard their seed phrase. Explain what their wallet’s seed phrase is and why keeping it secure is necessary; once they comprehend and record their wallet recovery phrase you may send some bitcoin directly.

Before sending bitcoin to family and friends, make sure your account is fully funded with enough bitcoin. Provide them with their wallet address and specify how much of it to send. Double-check that their wallet address entered is accurate before clicking “send.” Once sent, verify the recipient has received it by checking their balances.

Purchase A Bitcoin Voucher & Gift It 

Purchase a Bitcoin Voucher & Gift It 
Purchase a Bitcoin Voucher & Gift It 

Gift your loved one bitcoin using a bitcoin voucher!

A bitcoin voucher is a physical or digital card preloaded with a specific amount of cryptocurrency. Once purchased, its recipient can redeem their balance in their bitcoin wallet; alternatively, you may assist them in creating one by following the steps outlined earlier.

Purchase bitcoin vouchers through Azteco, Coinfinity and FastBitcoins voucher vendors.

Gift A Hardware Wallet With Bitcoin In It

Gift a Hardware Wallet With Bitcoin in It
Gift a Hardware Wallet With Bitcoin in It

Give a loved one a hardware wallet as a present to introduce them to bitcoin!

Hardware wallets allow users to safely store their private keys on dedicated hardware devices that aren’t always connected to the internet, making them less vulnerable to being compromised than software wallets such as those found online or mobile.

Look for companies offering bitcoin-compatible hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S, Trezor Model One or Cardwallet as great gifts for loved ones.

How To Gift An NFT 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital representations of physical assets like art, music, collectibles and more that cannot be replicated using blockchains as cryptographic tokens that cannot be duplicated – so the person receiving an NFT from you will remain the sole owner until they decide to sell it on their own.

When deciding the ideal Non-Food-Targets (NFTs) gift for someone you care about, first make a list of what interests them: video games, sports, books, art or music can be equally engaging topics for gift giving. Next browse the selection available through OpenSea or Rarible or purchase virtual land on metaverses such as The Sandbox or Decentraland as gifts if that suits better.

There is an abundance of National Financing Tokens (NFTs), each one offering something different in terms of design and cost. Items such as Bored Apes, Beeple’s art, and Grimes music have sold for exorbitant prices while some cheaper NFTs remain readily accessible.

Finding an appropriate NFT can be determined by researching its blockchain of creation. This will allow you to determine which cryptocurrency should be used to purchase an NFT and store it securely; OpenSea and Trust Wallet are two examples of marketplaces that can be accessed using Guarda Wallet, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet respectively.

Before helping someone you care about download their wallet onto their phone, ensure you have the appropriate wallet and cryptocurrency in order. Purchase some NFT from the marketplace and send it directly to their wallet address – that should do it!

Gifting crypto and NFTs to someone you care for is easy, plus it gives you the opportunity to spend quality time teaching them about why these investments are valuable.