Girles Metaverse Is Bringing The Popular Video Game Minecraft

Many in the tech community believe Minecraft will shape the future of gaming. Girles Metaverse Team, on the other hand, is currently developing a Minecraft P2E server which could give gamers an “out-of-this-world” experience.

Girles strives to give the crypto community new ideas to meet the diverse demands of all types of users. Utilizing a play-to-earn model for Minecraft fans is only natural; further demonstrating our growing popularity among gamers.

Blockchain has left its mark on every sector. One such sector impacted by Blockchain is gaming; one example being play-to-earn servers that reward gamers for their success in video games with tokens as rewards. There may not be many solutions aimed specifically at Minecraft fans out there yet but Girles has started developing one!

Recent data indicates that in 2021, 140 million active players played Minecraft at least once every month. Girles is a Metaverse server designed to bring all these amazing experiences together while offering players the chance to earn GIRLES with every achievement made within Minecraft. Girles offers NFT Minting, NFT Market Trading, Staking Burning NFT Box Token Staking Farm Pool Farm P2E Games as well as Free To Play Servers all within its realms – in fact the whole Girles experience!

Girles Metaverse Is Bringing The Popular Video Game Minecraft
Girles Metaverse Is Bringing The Popular Video Game Minecraft

Girles Metaverse’s inclusiveness and unique development approach positions it to quickly shake up the crypto space in the near future.

Microsoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Mojang Studios collaborated in developing Minecraft which was released for sale in November 2011.

Minecraft allows players to build and destroy blocks in three-dimensional worlds, providing two main modes: Survival and Creative. Survival mode challenges players with collecting their own food while building materials while fighting creepers and zombies, while creative mode provides players with materials and allows them to demolish all types of blocks.

Building survival and exploration skills for gamers is the primary goal of this game, accessible on multiple platforms and devices. Mobile and tablet versions include multiplayer features which enable gamers to connect to thousands of servers to battle other users and more.

Girles Token’s presale will consist of five phases, beginning October 22 and concluding on December 17, 2022 respectively. DEX and CEX listings of its token will help spread its campaign further afield.