The Best Top 10 Move To Earn Cryptos And Tokens For 2022

Earn Cryptos and Tokens :- Currently there are several platforms and video games on the market that leverage the move-to-earn paradigm, encouraging users to maintain healthy weight by playing “move to earn” games. Therefore, regular fitness challenges and workout sessions could yield additional financial gains for you.

Many businesses developed fitness applications where users were rewarded with gift cards, coupons, products or other incentives when making efforts toward reaching their fitness objectives.

Below is a selection of some of the top M2E cryptocurrencies you may want to try now.

Earn Cryptos And Tokens


One of the best-known earn-to-move games among both Web3 and cryptocurrency communities is STEPN, offering rewards for finishing exercises in this app. As with other move-to-earn games, GST (Green Satoshi Tokens) tokens may be earned for engaging in activities like running, cycling and walking – with increased movement yielding even more GST tokens!

These GST tokens can be used within the app to purchase new avatars or upgrades, invest in them or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies – making this app full of opportunities!


2. Step App

Step App Its The STEPN platform served as an inspiration for Step App, another young platform. Similar to its counterpart, upgradeable sneakers must be purchased to receive prizes on this newer offering.

KCAL serves as both the utility and reward token for Step App, enabling users to buy or sell shoe NFTs on this platform using KCAL tokens. Step aims to turn your health goals into money, friendly competition and social fun for you and other participants in its ecosystem.

3. Genopets

Playing Genopets can be quite fun for Pokemon Go fans. Here, you’ll need to give care and attention to a virtual pet as you see him evolve; its strength will grow with every job completed each day – depending on which tasks are completed the most often!

4. Sweatcoin

This popular smartphone app will reward you for living a healthy lifestyle, rewarding participants who engage in physical activities such as walking, jogging and cycling with Sweatcoins – reward points earned through physical activities such as participating in these activities can earn sweatcoins that may be cashed in.


5. Dustland

Dustland Numerous businesses created move-to-earn games. However, Dustland stands out by adding an engaging narrative. According to its storyline, only the Dustlands remain after Earth has been burnt, where pirates inhabit abandoned settlements and supply drops have been located by you; you must therefore search out supplies as well as survivors to advance and explore more deeply the mysterious Dustlands.

Doing physical activities outside the game may help you win more gaming prizes in-game. Complete as many tasks as possible to increase prizes; your distance determines awards rather than how well you did in-game! Incentives in the form of tokens and NFTs could also come your way!

6. Dotmoovs

Dotmoovs This move-to-earn game offers something different. Instead, your daily steps won’t earn incentives; rewards instead depend on which exercises and tasks you complete, using Dotmoovs’ support for augmented reality (AR). AR technology lets you complete these exercises at specific physical locations.

Dotmoovs utilizes MOOV tokens as a form of compensation for users. You can earn MOOV tokens by participating in dance and soccer challenges and competitions; then upgrade avatars or purchase in-game items using “Moov points.”


7. Calo Run

Calo Run is an M2E cryptocurrency app designed for runners that allows you to acquire tokens and win prizes through running. There are two play modes in Calo Run – Single Mode and Challenge Mode – where stamina must be built up through at least five minutes of movement in Single Mode before NFT shoes replenish it, enabling the collection of FIT tokens.

8. Wirtual

Wirtual offers rewards for maintaining your healthy routines, from exercising and dancing to jogging and swimming – just download their app and create an account to start earning rewards!

By participating in various online tasks, you could win VIRTUAL coins – some free while others require payment – by performing them. As more WIRTUAL is earned by you, your rank increases accordingly – this cryptocurrency used by WIRTUAL network is used to manage and compensate platform.


VICMOVE is another move-to-earn software available through Web3 that offers incentives for cycling, jogging and walking activities. This app encourages individuals to prioritize physical fitness.

Every day, this app provides you with energy to help improve both your health and revenue. How much more or less money you make through the app depends on your Lucky Point balance; your shoe stats increase as you level up, helping you earn additional tokens along the way. Furthermore, Fusion gives you an option to combine two shoes into a single one!

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10. Step

Step is an innovative “move to earn” game that rewards users who prioritize physical well-being with bitcoin rewards. What sets this app apart is that incentives won’t come in the form of its native coin; rather they will come in BNB tokens instead – offering security against sudden token price drops as BNB is considered a stable token.

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