Decrypt Studios Has launched The Crypties, Web3’s Signature Awards Ceremony.

The Crypties will recognize and award those deemed the greatest and boldest innovators on the Internet this November during Art Basel Miami.

There needs to be an equivalent Crypto Oscars.

Decrypt Studios hosts its annual awards show known as The Crypties to honor Web3 producers within Decrypt Media’s Web3 production studio subsidiary.

On November 30, The Crypties Awards gala will pay tribute to Web3’s best and brightest, featuring this year’s Art Basel activities at Faena Forum Miami Beach where this inaugural Crypties gala will take place.

Decrypt Studios, comprised of prominent Web3 creators and executives with in-depth industry knowledge, selected the nominees.

Decrypt Culture Club NFT holders will have voting rights, adhering to the decentralized nature of Web3. Erick “Snowfro” Calderon, creator of Art Blocks and an NFT project supported by Decrypt Culture Club NFT holders, will receive the inaugural Industry Achievement award.

Alanna Roazzi-Laforet, founder of Decrypt Studios, believes now is an appropriate time for an awards show that recognizes those and projects leading the crypto industry forward and creating culture and communities around it.

The Crypties Advisory Board

The Crypties Advisory Board
The Crypties Advisory Board

Decrypt Studios will soon reveal the voting process and other pertinent details, but here is a glimpse at those behind its creation – here is just one glimpse!

Avery Akkineni, President of Vayner3
Avery is the president of Vayner3, an in-house consulting group of VaynerMedia founded by Gary Vaynerchuk that has assisted Pepsi, Bud Light and Behr among others to explore Web3 technologies. Check out Avery’s interview with Decrypt from June for more details.

Amy Wu of FTX Ventures
Amy is responsible for overseeing crypto exchange FTX’s $2 billion FTX Ventures division and leads M&A and commercial initiatives (including gaming partnerships). Prior to that Amy worked as a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Listen to Amy on Decrypt’s Gm Podcast in February!

Hello Sunshine, My name is Cassandra Sagehorn and welcome to Sunshine!

Cassandra is responsible for creating and overseeing Reese Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine’s digital presence and Web3 strategy, including content production and community management; she works to convert mainstream media audiences to NFTs.

Dan Rozenberg of Innovah: With experience ranging from NFT ventures and writing content for Wiz Khalifa and Jake Paul to Web3 industry expertise and co-founding Innovah.

Chris Jacquemin of WME specialises in blockchain and Web 3 applications as part of WME’s digital strategy, along with creator economy concepts.

Dave Meeker of Dentsu: Dentsu Creative is one of the world’s largest advertising businesses and one of the most innovative ad companies, with an emphasis on experience design, innovation, and Web 3.0 decentralization (Decrypt Media is among 22 strategic investors; one being Dentsu).

Fastackl is an anonymous NFT collector, product developer, and software engineer who has long been active within – an art community website focused on protocols and products specific to NFT art world – contributing.

Drew Kim of Sleepy Tiger. [Drew Kim of Sleepy Tiger is] an innovative company that helps organizations establish themselves within the Web3 ecosystem while telling captivating narratives to their clients.]

Josh Thompson from Gotham Labs

Josh is the creator of Civics Unplugged, an initiative dedicated to strengthening democracy through Web3 applications. Additionally, he heads Gotham Labs – an incubator dedicated to startup companies – as well as being an experienced serial entrepreneur and investor.

Lynne Haber co-founded Connext, a blockchain integration firm. Connext is currently working towards setting standards that enable blockchain applications to work across platforms.

John Wu of Ava Labs
John is currently spearheading Avalanche’s blockchain technology’s adoption and development by serving as CEO. John discussed their efforts on April’s Decrypt GM podcast.

Leo Matchett of Decentralized Pictures Foundation.

DCP Foundation, a blockchain voting company that facilitates film funding via donations, was co-founded and is run by Leo alongside Roman Coppola. Leo won an Emmy Award as Technical Director; you can listen to his interview on Decrypt’s GM podcast from August.

Ryan Xavier Lewis and Anonymous

Ariana Grande and Snoop Dogg are among the many celebrities who have worn clothing from Locke Holdings, Ryan’s streetwear and Web3 brand.

Wojtek Kaszycki, Mobilum
Wojtek Kaszycki is the founder and chairman of Mobilum, an innovative digital payments platform connecting fiat money with cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, he serves as Chairman for mobile game company Sabre Games.

Ryan Wyatt of Polygon Studios

Polygon is an Ethereum scaling network led by its business team (Meta and Starbucks, among others) to develop brands and partners. Decrypt recently hosted an interview with Polygon’s CEO Ryan.

Decrypt Studios assembled their nomination board independently from editorial; please stay tuned for announcements regarding nominees!

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