The Top 10 Crypto Influencers To Follow On Social Media

Crypto Influencers : Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm over recent years and more people than ever are seeking to join this exciting and dynamic industry. One way of keeping informed of current trends, news, and developments in this space is following influencers on social media.

Knowledgeable individuals in the crypto space possessing extensive expertise can offer invaluable advice and insight for those just entering it. In this article, we will be looking at who are considered influential influencers on social media – and why it might be worthwhile keeping an eye on them.

No matter where you stand in your crypto journey, these influencers offer invaluable advice and insights into the world of cryptocurrency investment.

1) Camila Russo

Camila Russo
Camila Russo

Camila Russo is one of the top crypto influencers to follow on social media, she is an accomplished journalist and writer who has covered this industry extensively for years.

Camila is the author of “The Infinite Machine,” a book which chronicles the rise of Ethereum and the people involved. Additionally, she founded The Defiant, a media platform covering decentralized finance (DeFi). Camila is well known for her insightful analysis and deep understanding of crypto industry dynamics.

Camila shares her thoughts regularly on Twitter, making her an indispensable follower for anyone interested in crypto and DeFi. Whether seasoned investors or those new to cryptocurrency are on their journey, Camila’s content will both inform and inspire.

2) Nischal Shetty

 Nischal Shetty
Nischal Shetty

Nischal Shetty stands as an exceptional crypto influencer to follow on social media. As founder and CEO of WazirX – India’s premier cryptocurrency exchange platform – Shetty is at the forefront of India’s cryptocurrency revolution.

Shetty has long been an advocate for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and his expertise and insights are highly respected within the crypto community. Additionally, he regularly presents at crypto conferences and events, sharing his knowledge and experiences with his audiences.

Nischal Shetty boasts an impressive social media presence, with a vast following across Twitter and other platforms. By following him on social media you can stay abreast of all of the latest trends and developments within cryptocurrency world.

3) Layah Heilpern

Layah Heilpern
Layah Heilpern

Stay informed on the latest trends and developments in cryptocurrency by following some of the top crypto influencers on social media, like Layah Heilpern – an esteemed journalist and content creator in this space who has become one of its pioneers.

Layah offers valuable insights and analysis on the latest events in the cryptocurrency space, whether that is breaking news or in-depth analyses – her content is both highly engaging and informative.

By following her on social media, Layah Heilpern can give you an in-depth knowledge of the crypto world and stay ahead of trends and news in this space. Therefore, if you want to stay abreast of current crypto news and trends, make sure you follow Layah Heilpern and other top influencers in this industry.

4) Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech
Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech has established himself as one of the foremost figures in cryptocurrency. Thanks to years of experience in the industry, he has amassed an enormous following across social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

As an educator, developer, and entrepreneur in crypto education and decentralized finance, Ivan shares his extensive knowledge on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading platforms and decentralized finance with over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube – providing invaluable insight into current crypto trends and developments.

Ivan On Tech provides informational, engaging and entertaining content on his social media accounts that is sure to provide anyone interested in crypto with useful insight. He should certainly be added as one of your followers if looking for trustworthy crypto influencers to follow!

5) Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert
Barry Silbert

Staying abreast of cryptocurrency can be challenging, which is why social media influencers such as Barry Silbert are invaluable resources for staying current with news and trends in this space. Barry Silbert has long been recognized as a prominent voice within this industry as founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group – making him an influential voice within it for years now.

Silbert regularly shares his insight with over 200,000 followers on Twitter and is often invited to podcasts and webinars – his expertise makes him essential reading for anyone involved in cryptocurrency investment and trading.

6) Peter Mccormack

 Peter Mccormack
Peter Mccormack

Peter McCormack is one of the leading crypto influencers to follow on social media, boasting over 197,000 Twitter followers and building an acclaimed reputation among his peers in the crypto space. Additionally, McCormack hosts “What Bitcoin Did”, an interview show where some of the industry’s top figures appear.

Peter McCormack is well-recognized for his honest opinions and outspoken condemnations of scams or unethical practices in the industry. A passionate supporter of Bitcoin, Peter is often sought out to share insights about its future development. If you want reliable information regarding cryptocurrency matters, Peter should be high on your list of influencers to follow.

7) Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano
Anthony Pompliano

With cryptocurrency expanding rapidly, staying informed is key for keeping up with news and trends. Crypto influencers provide this necessary service: individuals who have established themselves as experts within their respective field while garnering significant traction on social media.

Anthony Pompliano (known to his followers as Pomp) is one such influencer. With over 1 Million Twitter followers and an established podcast channel, Pomp is considered a go-to source for cryptocurrency insights and advice.

Pompliano provides engaging, informative, and sometimes controversial content about crypto investing that should be read by anyone with an interest in the space. His insights can help both experienced investors as well as novice investors make better decisions in regards to cryptocurrency investment. Following Pompliano can keep them informed and make smarter investments decisions!

8) Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor
Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor stands out among social media influencers as one of the premier crypto advocates, serving as CEO of MicroStrategy and championing various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Saylor was instrumental in encouraging institutional adoption of Bitcoin with over one billion dollars invested by MicroStrategy into cryptocurrency investments over time.

Michael Saylor regularly shares his market insights and analysis on digital currencies’ future, making his Twitter account essential reading. His tweets provide insightful analysis and may offer new perspectives in this evolving industry; whether you are an experienced investor or new to crypto, Michael Saylor should be part of your network.

9) CZ Binance

 CZ Binance
CZ Binance

CZ Binance on Social Media Are You Interested in Cryptocurrency? Following CZ Binance (CEO of Binance – one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges) on social media may be an effective way to stay abreast of latest news, trends and insights into this exciting space? One such influencer worth following on social media would be CZ Binance who serves as one of the top crypto influencers worldwide.

CZ Binance is widely respected for his insightful analysis on everything crypto related, from Bitcoin to altcoins. His social media presence makes him an indispensable guide in keeping abreast of developments within this fast-moving and rapidly advancing industry. No matter where you stand on this spectrum of investment activity or are starting off on your journey towards crypto investing – following CZ on social media will keep you up-to-date.

10) Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is one of the most influential figures in the crypto industry. As the co-founder of Ethereum – which ranks second by market capitalization after Bitcoin – Buterin is well known for his expertise in blockchain technology and vision for an independent future.

Buterin has long advocated for cryptocurrency adoption and been featured by various media outlets such as Forbes and Wired. As a prominent crypto influencer, Buterin leverages his social media following as part of his marketing efforts.

Vitalik Buterin enjoys an impressive following on both Twitter and Reddit, engaging with followers while providing invaluable insights into the crypto industry. Anyone seeking to stay current on developments in crypto must follow Vitalik Buterin socially in order to stay abreast of developments within it.


Cryptocurrency has seen exponential growth over the years. Many individuals have become influential figures within this space and amassed large followings on various social media platforms; their opinions on crypto trends are often sought out for.

On social media, some of the top crypto influencers to follow include Andreas Antonopoulos – an internationally acclaimed Bitcoin expert and influencer; Vitalik Buterin, who co-founded Ethereum; and Changpeng Zhao of Binance as CEO. Each provides invaluable insights into the world of crypto currency including news updates, analysis and predictions about its future development.

Individuals can stay informed on the latest crypto developments by following top crypto influencers on social media, which serves to keep them abreast of changes while making informed investment decisions in this exciting field. In summary, forming relationships with top cryptocurrency influencers on social media can provide an effective means of staying engaged in this realm of cryptocurrencies and keeping informed.

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