10 Countries Where Cryptocurrency Is Most Popular

Cryptocurrency Is Most Popular Gaining Adoption Worldwide: Cryptocurrency has quickly grown increasingly popular as both a digital asset and payment mechanism around the world, but certain countries like Japan, Switzerland, and the US stand out as being especially fond of using it as a form of payment.

Japan was an early adopter of cryptocurrency adoption, being one of the first nations to regulate trading and usage. Switzerland also stands out as an accommodating nation for crypto enthusiasts due to its clear regulatory framework which has received wide praise.

United States of America is also an influential player in the cryptocurrency market, giving its citizens access to numerous trading and investment options. All told, these countries are among the most sought-after locations for buying, selling, trading and investing cryptocurrency.

1) Thailand


Thailand has long been one of the nations most open to cryptocurrency use; with over one million people employing crypto-based payment methods in this nation alone. Its leaders have fully embraced it.

Thai authorities have also taken measures to regulate digital currency, with the Securities and Exchange Commission issuing regulations making it easier for businesses to accept digital payments as payments.

Bank of Thailand has permitted financial institutions to utilize distributed ledgers for payment processing.

Thailand is among the nations in which cryptocurrency usage is most widespread and actively explored, so this indicates its acceptance by society as an emerging technology. Thus, its widespread popularity makes Thailand one of the main locations where this phenomenon flourishes.

2) Nigeria


cryptocurrency usage has seen explosive growth over recent years, encompassing over 190 million people and experiencing exponential increases in use of digital currencies.

Increased acceptance of cryptocurrency payments has allowed people to more easily buy and sell digital currency.

Nigeria has taken steps to regulate cryptocurrency, further encouraging its adoption and use. Cryptocurrency has since become an accepted means of payment and investment across Nigeria and provided entrepreneurs with new ways of starting businesses and raising capital.

3) Argentina


Argentina is among the nations where cryptocurrency usage is most widespread. Due to economic problems and inflationary rates, many Argentineans have taken to digital assets as an insurance against potential economic disaster.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have quickly become popular payments options among Argentinians, with both individuals and the government taking steps to encourage the use of digital assets through various measures such as creating a cryptocurrency-friendly regulatory framework.

Brazil, Chile and Colombia have also experienced an upswing in cryptocurrency usage. Cryptocurrencies allow Argentinians access financial services while increasing purchasing power – making this option attractive among citizens across South America.

4) Brazil


Brazilian cryptocurrency usage is amongst the highest. Indeed, Brazil is one of only three Latin American countries that officially offer an official cryptocurrency exchange due to its active tech community and willingness of citizens to embrace new technologies.

Brazilian authorities have also taken an open approach towards cryptocurrency and digital assets, accepting them as legitimate investments and offering tax incentives for their use. Furthermore, Brazil’s central bank recently unveiled plans to launch their own digital currency, the Digital Real.

Brazil is showing itself to be open-minded when it comes to using cryptocurrency as part of its financial system, with more Brazilians turning towards online transactions using crypto every day. This shows a promising trend.

5) South Korea

South Korea
South Korea

South Korea is among the top five most-popular cryptocurrency nations. Their government has taken an enthusiastic and proactive approach in supporting and expanding this industry.

South Korea boasts high Internet penetration and technological development, making it an ideal environment for cryptocurrency to thrive. Over recent years, South Korean cryptocurrency market has experienced remarkable growth, becoming one of the largest markets globally.

South Korea benefits from both favorable regulations and an educated population who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, leading to South Korea becoming a hub of cryptocurrency investment activities with many investors from all around the world flocking to take advantage of its favorable environment.

6) Turkey


Turkey is among the nations where cryptocurrency use is widespread. Turkey has made great strides forward in this industry since 2020 when its Central Bank introduced regulations for crypto exchanges.

Regulations have provided greater legal clarity and security for virtual asset service providers, which has resulted in more investors entering the cryptocurrency market. As a result, Turkey has taken several initiatives to promote acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies, such as issuing its Digital Assets Exchange and Payment Services Directive with guidelines for digital asset providers.

Government efforts have also included creating cryptocurrency-related tax incentives to attract more investors, leading to an explosion in cryptocurrency trading volumes across the country and making it a mecca for enthusiasts of this digital asset class.

7) Japan


Japan is one of the countries in which cryptocurrency usage and acceptance has seen exponential growth since 2017. Japan officially recognized bitcoin as legal method of payment in 2017 and since then there has been an explosion in cryptocurrency usage and acceptance.

Japan has established itself as an industry leader in cryptocurrency markets, boasting one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. Japanese citizens now can use cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services purchased online or sold at exchanges; as well as buying or selling these cryptocurrencies.

Japanese authorities have also taken a variety of steps to safeguard investors and users. Thus, Japan has become one of the premier destinations for cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to enter this field – offering great opportunities to explore this vibrant industry.

8) United States

United States
United States

Cryptocurrency usage has grown increasingly widespread over time, yet some countries stand out as having high activity. One such country is the United States – one of its leading users of cryptocurrency.

U.S. markets account for much of the cryptocurrency trading volume worldwide, while Japan, South Korea and Singapore also enjoy high levels of cryptocurrency usage. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more accepted as payment mechanisms in these nations; with several major retailers now accepting them.

These countries have also taken measures to regulate the cryptocurrency market, boosting its popularity further. As a whole, the United States and other nations are leading the charge in regards to cryptocurrency usage – something likely to continue growing over time.

9) Ukraine


Ukraine stands out as a country where cryptocurrency usage is particularly widespread, estimated by experts as being around 10% of its population owning or having access to some form of crypto asset – one of the highest proportions worldwide.

Recent developments in Malaysia include the implementation of a law permitting cryptocurrency usage for trading, payments and other services. Furthermore, steps were taken by government to make trading of digital assets simpler and safer.

Ukraine has become an attractive destination for investors and businesses looking to utilize cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Ukraine boasts an active cryptocurrency community and market; we expect their popularity will only continue to increase over time.

10) Australia

Australia is a popular nation when it comes to cryptocurrency usage, particularly because the country is so advanced with digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Australia has shown its support of the cryptocurrency industry by creating favorable conditions for investing in digital assets. Furthermore, Australia boasts numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet services which make buying/selling/trading digital currency simpler than ever.

Australia is also home to some of the leading cryptocurrency businesses and organizations such as Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA) and Blockchain Australia which have played an instrumental role in encouraging the use and adoption of digital currencies.


Cryptocurrency has grown increasingly popular over time as more countries accept it as a form of payment.

Countries like Japan, South Korea and the United States have quickly adopted cryptocurrency; Japan being among those which quickly accepted it and becoming popular destinations.

As cryptocurrency becomes more widely adopted, more countries have accepted it as a payment form – making them some of the most sought-after destinations for it.

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