5 Best Crypto News Sources

Maintaining an awareness of all that’s going on in the crypto space can seem like a full-time job, so finding reliable sources for crypto news can be challenging. With so many token sales, Airdrop campaigns, partnership announcements between decentralized apps and new coins arriving almost daily it can be hard to know where to begin. Tracking all these developments is also key; not only will this give you insight into what’s coming down the pipe, but it may provide opportunities to invest or promote your project. So we compiled this list of the best ways to stay abreast of crypto news – from news sites and newsletters that provide updates about developments within blockchain and digital currencies, to services such as Twitter lists that make tracking this ever-evolving industry as seamless as possible.

Best Crypto News Sources

1) Crypto News Websites

To stay informed on the latest happenings in the crypto space, one of the best ways is to follow crypto-focused news websites dedicated to accurate reporting. While mainstream media coverage of blockchain and digital currencies can sometimes be inaccurate; to avoid falling prey to fake news and remain informed while remaining accurate it’s best to stick with crypto news outlets that focus exclusively on accurate coverage of blockchain and digital currencies.

When it comes to crypto news websites, two main types exist – general news sites and industry-specific news sites. General sites covering blockchain and digital currencies – such as Cointelegraph, Forbes, The Next Web and TechCrunch – provide essential updates about overall developments while industry-specific news websites allow one to keep informed on specific industries or token sales.

One of the best industry-specific news sites are The Daily HODL, Token Authority and Blocktribune. Twitter can also be an excellent platform for keeping up with cryptocurrency news; most top crypto news sites have presence there as well as hashtags dedicated to tracking crypto developments.

Crypto News Websites
Crypto News Websites

2) Blockchain Newsletters

Crypto Newsletters Another great way to stay abreast of developments in the crypto space is subscribing to crypto newsletters like The Daily HODL, Token Authority and Crypto Briefing that aim to keep subscribers informed on everything blockchain and digital currencies related.

Subscribing to these newsletters – whether free or with a small subscription fee – provides an invaluable source of information about new projects, token sales, events and partnerships in the crypto space.

Subscribing to blockchain newsletters allows you to tailor the information based on your interests. Some newsletters offer general updates about crypto; while others focus on specific sectors like AI, privacy or data. There are even token-specific newsletters.

Blockchain Newsletters
Blockchain Newsletters

3) Bitcoin And Ethereum Newsletters

If you’re keen on staying up-to-date on all things Bitcoin or Ethereum and related projects built upon their respective networks, there are various blockchain and crypto newsletters which focus on these subjects – among them are Bitcoin Daily and CoinTelegraph.

These newsletters cover general news related to blockchain, but are particularly useful if you’re focused on only Bitcoin and Ethereum-related projects.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Newsletters
Bitcoin And Ethereum Newsletters

4) ICO/Token Sale Trackers

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep track of upcoming ICOs and token sales is using an ICO/token sale tracker. Not only can these tools keep you informed about existing sales but they can also identify any that might be worth keeping an eye out for later – some good trackers include ICO Drops, Token Market, ICO Alert, and ICO Tracker.

These tools can be useful, listing upcoming ICOs and token sales from all around the globe so that you can locate those relevant to you regardless of your location or language spoken. If you’re interested in tracking token sales, an ICO/token sale tracker is an excellent place to begin – though be mindful of several considerations before using one!

First and foremost, it’s essential to recognize that information provided by trackers may not be checked thoroughly and may even be false or outdated. Second, it is highly advisable to crosscheck information obtained from these trackers with other sources before acting upon it.

 ICO/Token Sale Trackers
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5) Blockchain Organizations

There are a variety of influential organizations within the blockchain space that regularly report on current happenings in this industry, such as: – The Bitcoin Foundation This nonprofit organization promotes Bitcoin and blockchain technology around the globe.

The Ethereum Foundation – This non-profit organization promotes and supports Ethereum as well as decentralized blockchain applications more generally. Coin Center is another non-profit that educates policymakers and the general public on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Research Institute – The Blockchain Research Institute is a premier think tank focused on decentralized technologies. Crypto Valley Association – Crypto Valley Association is a non-profit organization which fosters blockchain business growth across Europe.

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Staying abreast of developments in the crypto industry can be challenging, with so much going on in this fast-moving sector that it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, there are multiple methods available for staying abreast of all things cryptocurrency related.

News sites and newsletters that keep up-to-date on everything happening in blockchain and digital currencies to useful tools like Twitter lists that make monitoring this dynamic industry as simple as possible are available online.